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So you’ve been searching “Hobart photographer” and trawling through no end of websites. I bet you didn’t realise how many options there were and how confusing choosing the right photographer can all be. It’s taking up your time and quite frankly already feeling like too much effort.

And that is exactly why I thought I’d pull together this mini how to guide on choosing the right photographer for you.


What style of photography are you after?
– Do you want a studio session, an outdoor session or a lifestyle session?
– Do you want light and airy photographs or dark and moody photographs?
– Do you want posed (think traditional family portrait above the fireplace mantle) or unposed (natural interactions between the family) photographs?

Finding a photographer whose style you love is so important.
Look at their portfolios and websites, pay attention to how the family are positioned, the edit of the photograph and backgrounds (it is simple and clean, is it stylised, is it the family home, is it outdoors).

Pick a style that you love and will display well around your home.


We all have budgets. Do your research and make sure you know all the costs involved in having your pictures taken. You do not want to attend a session only to realise you can not afford to buy and of the images.
Things to ask your photographer before you book your session.

  • How much is the session fee? (This is usually what the photographer advertises, it sounds affordable to all and locks you in). It is usually non-refundable and payable upfront before the session.
  • How many images are included and what is the cost of additional images?
    This is so important. You do not want to leave an image you love behind due to the cost. A photoshoot is a luxury and needs to be budget for but to do this you need to know the potential costs involved.
  • Watch out for terminology!
    If a photographer refers to “prints” enquire as to whether you get the digital.
    If not, how much is the digital and/or additional prints?
  • How do I view my images?
    There are two ways photographers present your images.
  1. A viewing appointment – where you attend the studio again and view a slideshow/prints/photo books of your gallery. This is a beautiful display of your gallery but it might not be for everyone. You may need to make your selection at your appointment.
  2. An online gallery. Your images are uploaded to an online gallery for you to view and select you images. This method may lack the wow factor you get with in person sales (viewing appointment) but may give you more time to decide, budget and “view” the image.
  • Do you get the print release?
    i.e. are you able to print your own images. Some photographers only provide a small or web based digital and you may have to print images through them.
  • How do you get your digital images?
    Do you have to purchase a USB or download pin to be able to obtain the digital version of your photograph.  


This is where you may need to decide to put experience before budget.
In the case of a newborn photoshoot it is so important that your photographer is experienced. Ask them what training they have had in newborn safety and if they are vaccinated. The newborn photography industry is not regulated, it is up to parents to do their own research!
For older children/family photographs make sure that they can provide a consistent and cohesive gallery.


If you find a photographer who ticks all the boxes, view their review and recommendation.  
Speak to friends who have visited that photographer and find out their experience.
And choose the right photographer for you.

If you’d like more information on my photography please CLICK HERE.

Thanks to Lexanne Keulemans from Lens Nomads Photography for the dark & mood edits of my images.

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  • MandyAugust 6, 2019 - 10:05 am

    This is such a helpful post for anyone wanting pictures taken.  A must read to make a great decision!! Thanks so much for sharing.ReplyCancel

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    Excellent resource. Love your work! ReplyCancel

  • Leidy & JoshAugust 6, 2019 - 12:20 pm

    Wonderful blog post!  Very informative!ReplyCancel

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    Great advice for clients! And you hit all the great points! Well done! Love your work 😍ReplyCancel

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